Man or animal?

Even though I normally post my pictures here, I would like to share some thoughts I have about us as a part of nature. For me every thing is a part of nature. None of us are above it just because we’re humans. Yes we can manipulate our habitat, but with that power comes a responsabilty to care for nature. If sheepfarmers have problems with predators that stalk and hunt their animals, well then they have to employ a herder, and not go on a rampage with their hunting buddies to kill every animal they suspect could be the guilty one. 
The same goes for the nature it self. Even if we can take the easy road and put up giant pylons or make a 6 lane highway, we should always take 5 times to think how it would impact the nature.

And one last thing; we’re not above nature, we’re all animals within it. So take a moment to think about that human-ape.

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