I am Toffa Berg. A devoted fine art landscape photographer. Let me introduce you to the world of Toffa and Knotten. Joining me on this odyssey is my faithful companion, Ludde, a miniature Schnauzer with an uncanny knack for sniffing out the most delectable waffles. Together, along with our mobile haven, Knotten the RV, we are embarking on an adventure across Norway’s boundless landscapes. A magical place where we’re weaving stories that transcend time and place.


As a digital nomad, my lens becomes my canvas. Capturing the intricate dance between light and shadow that paints Norway’s diverse landscapes. Through my photography, I aspire to share the serenity and awe that this breathtaking country evokes within me. The road has become my muse. With every click of the shutter, I aim to invite you into the quietude and introspection that I have found amidst nature’s grandeur.


Ludde, my spirited partner-in-crime, is a waffle connoisseur extraordinaire. His enthusiasm for seeking out these golden delights adds a layer of whimsy to our journey. Infusing our days with laughter and delight. Together, we uncover hidden waffle havens, sharing in the joy that these delectable treats bring to our exploration.


Knotten, a venerable 1999 Chausson Welcome 50 RV, isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s my sanctuary on wheels. Within its cosy confines, I find solace, comfort, and a mobile workspace that allows me to edit and bring to life the images I’ve captured. Knotten carries us to the heart of Norway’s untamed beauty. All the while embracing Ludde’s insatiable curiosity and love for waffles.


From the rugged terrains of Jotunheimen and Tessungdalen to the ethereal landscapes of Imingfjell and the tranquillity of Setesdalen, I have found my heart’s home within Norway’s untouched corners. Toffa and Knotten is the space where I share the stories of our expeditions. Where the essence behind each captured frame, and the hikes that lead us to new heights of wonder.



Jotunheimen, Setesdalen, Jæren, Rondane, Tessungdalen, Imingfjell, and the captivating northern expanses hold a cherished place in my heart. Amidst these serene landscapes, I find my truest self, a sense of belonging that is beyond words.


As we navigate the roads less travelled, I am reminded that our paths are shaped by our experiences. The call of the open road has provided a therapeutic balm for my struggles with mental health. Allowing me to find a peace that eluded me within the confines of stationary life. The canvas of nature and the open arms of Knotten have become my remedy. It’s an honour to invite you to share in this transformative journey.


So, whether you’re a fellow seeker of beauty, an admirer of artistry, or simply someone drawn to the allure of the road, I extend a warm invitation to join us. Let’s explore, let’s share, and let’s find inspiration in every corner of Norway’s breathtaking tapestry.


With heartfelt wanderlust, 

Toffa Berg, Ludde & Knotten