Welcome to the enchanting world of Toffa and Knotten, where every road traveled, every shutter clicked, and every waffle savored, weaves a tapestry of discovery and delight. I am Toffa Berg, a devoted fine art landscape photographer, and I'm thrilled to embark on this odyssey alongside my loyal companion, Ludde, the miniature Schnauzer with an insatiable love for waffles that rivals even the most discerning of food critics. Together, accompanied by our faithful mobile haven, Knotten the RV, we are setting forth on a remarkable adventure across the breathtaking landscapes of Norway.   At Toffa and Knotten, our journey is more than just miles covered—it's a tale of exploration, connection, and the extraordinary moments that unfold when we embrace the open road. As we traverse Northern Norway's mystical beauty, immerse ourselves in Trøndelag's rich heritage, and uncover the dramatic landscapes of Western Norway, our stories come alive, transcending time and space.   Our blog is a haven for kindred spirits and fellow wanderers, a place where travel and vanlife converge with the artistry of landscape and travel photography. Within our carefully crafted categories, we guide you through the realms of adventure, practicality, and personal reflection.   Embark with us on "Travel Adventures," where we share the exhilaration of vanlife journeys, the thrill of hiking escapades, and the allure of road trip chronicles. Traverse the landscapes of Norway through the lens of "Destinations & Exploration," as we unveil the untamed beauty of Northern, Trøndelag, Western, Southern, and Eastern Norway.   For the travel enthusiasts and curious souls, our "Practical Tips & Insights" section offers invaluable advice on van modification, gear essentials, and the art of cooking amidst nature's embrace. Step behind the scenes with "Behind the Scenes," where we reveal the stories behind the lens, from candid narratives to photography insights that make landscapes sing.   "Travel Planning" guides you to responsibly craft your journeys through budgeting wisdom and sustainable practices, while "Personal Stories" invites you to connect intimately with our adventures, musings, and journal entries. And within "News, Updates & Miscellaneous," we keep you in the loop with announcements and glimpses from the world of Toffa Berg Photography.   This blog is a tribute to the spirit of exploration and the joy of sharing stories that resonate across borders and beyond. As we journey together, I invite you to discover the magic within each landscape, the warmth within every encounter, and the enduring allure of life on the road. Welcome to Toffa and Knotten—a place where adventures are captured, waffles are savored, and stories come alive.