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Messed up March

It’s been a quite a warm February with little snow and more rain. But now the weather is a bit on the odd side. For the last couple of days there have been snowing. What’s up with that. We had snow in December and January, but it melted, and now it returns. Well well, personally I hope there’ll be more as the snow makes for good pictures. The only problem with Stavanger when it snows, nearly all drivers goes crazy and fears the slippery road as if they can’t drive. Well, I’ll live. 😛

The view from my balcony overlooking Ulsberget and with the Dalsnuten in the distance.

 Now we’ll be waiting for spring and some warmer weather.

Toffa Berg, a dedicated landscape photographer hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Stavanger, Norway. Toffa's lens is a portal to the intimate and less-traveled corners of Norway's natural beauty. With a passion for solitude and an aversion to city life, Toffa's photography is a reflection of the quiet moments and serene vistas that capture the essence of the Norwegian wilderness. He runs both Toffa and Knotten and Toffa Berg Photography. Under this author profile he writes in the power of being a photographer and not a vanlifer.


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