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A New Chapter Unveiled: Toffa Berg Photography and Toffa & Knotten’s Independent Journeys

Life’s journey combines continuity and change, and today, I’m excited to unveil a new chapter. Toffa Berg Photography and Toffa & Knotten have embarked on separate paths. We made this decision to provide you with a more tailored and immersive experience. As you explore each platform, you’ll notice that the journey ahead is shaped by a distinct focus while still celebrating the interconnectedness of stories and visuals.

A Fresh Start:

New Avenues for Exploration

Toffa Berg Photography: Capturing Moments on Tumblr

Discover a new home on Tumblr, dedicated solely to captivating images. This platform serves as a sanctuary for those who share a passion for photography and the stories within each frame. It offers an unobstructed visual journey, allowing you to experience moments through my lens.

Toffa & Knotten: Embracing the Journey Right Here

This platform remains a constant source of narratives centered around travel, hiking, vanlife, and the stories that weave the essence of Toffa Berg Photography's captures. Our journey of exploration and discovery continues, and I invite you to join me in celebrating the beauty of the world we inhabit.

Separate Yet Connected: The Blend of Worlds

While Toffa Berg Photography and Toffa & Knotten pursue independent journeys, the beauty of collaboration persists. There will be moments when these paths intersect, creating a harmonious blend of visuals and stories that will captivate your senses and evoke emotions.

A Sneak Peek into the Future

Toffa Berg Photography: Visual Chronicles Unfold

Expect to be immersed in a collection of evocative images, each holding a story waiting to be discovered. Every photo invites you to step into a moment frozen in time, where emotions and memories come alive.

Toffa & Knotten: Tales of Adventure Persist

The focus on travel, vanlife, and the stories that shape our experiences remains unchanged. With a fresh look, this platform continues to serve as a hub for those seeking inspiration and connection through narratives that celebrate the spirit of exploration.

Embracing the New Chapter: A Final Thought:

As this new chapter unveils, I’m grateful for your unwavering support and excitement. We made the decision to embark on separate paths to offer you a more tailored experience, and I’m thrilled to have you on this journey with me. Thank you for being part of my community. Furthermore, I invite you to explore the evolving worlds of Toffa Berg Photography and Toffa & Knotten as they flourish in their unique ways.

Kind and warm regards


Hey there, fellow adventure seekers! I'm Toffa Berg, your friendly neighborhood vanlifer and landscape enthusiast, hailing from the stunning panoramas of Norway. As a nature aficionado, I've traded the buzz of city life for the tranquility of starry nights and the thrill of winding roads. My trusty co-pilot, Ludde the miniature schnauzer, and I are on a quest to uncover Norway's hidden gems. I've got a lens in one hand and the steering wheel in the other, capturing the intricate play of light and shadow that nature orchestrates so effortlessly. Oh, and did I mention that I'm the creative mind behind the Toffa and Knotten website? That's where I occasionally share snapshots from my photographic escapades, along with tales of vanlife and embracing the unknown. While Stavanger keeps me grounded, it's also my launchpad into the wild. Here, I recharge, ruminate, and get ready for the next great escapade. So, if you're all about celebrating the unfiltered beauty of nature, swapping stories from the road, and occasionally indulging in some photography magic, hop on board! Stay wild, keep chasing horizons, and let's make every mile a memory.

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