Ludde bathe in sunset glow on a hike to Knivskjellodden (Norway).
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Ludde the Adventurous Miniature Schnauzer: A Journey of Waffles, Wanderlust, and Unwavering Love



In the heart of Norway, a four-year-old Miniature Schnauzer named Ludde leads a life that many would envy. Ludde is a dog of unique tastes and boundless energy, embarking on captivating adventures and indulging in a passion for waffles that is nothing short of legendary. Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of Ludde, where every moment is an opportunity for exploration, connection, and a longing for his beloved treats.


Ludde want to have some fun. He views him self as the king of Knotten.
Me and Ludde chilling in Knotten. Ludde have just got his favorite treat, Waffles. Just look at his smile. It's almost like he knows he's getting his picture taken. Photo: Tertit Kleppe Berg


Ludde’s devotion to waffles is nothing short of a love story for the ages. With eyes that sparkle at the mere mention of the word, Ludde dreams of fluffy, golden waffles and hopes that his grandma will keep his dreams alive by creating these delectable treats whenever possible. Ludde’s unwavering affection for waffles adds a touch of sweetness to his already charming personality.



 Ludde is a true adventurer at heart, and his mode of exploration is as unique as he is – the Knotten the RV. Accompanied by his dad, Ludde traverses the stunning landscapes of Norway, from lush forests to majestic mountains. Hikes become thrilling quests, and each new trail is a canvas for Ludde’s boundless enthusiasm and zest for life.


Ludde wearing his backpack and not looking happy. We were getting ready to travel to my parent's cabin in the woods for new years eve.
Me and Ludde in front of Knotten when we joined my parents for some days travelling from the east of Norway and toward the west. Here we had a lovely stay at Krøderen. Photo: Tertit Kleppe Berg


Ludde’s heart knows no bounds when it comes to his family. Alongside his dad, Ludde’s affection extends to his dad’s girlfriend, Kaddy, who shares in their escapades. Peachy, Ludde’s cherished best friend from Germany, adds an extra layer of joy to Ludde’s life. The camaraderie between these two furry adventurers is a testament to the power of friendship across borders.



Bath time may be a necessary evil for many dogs, but for Ludde, it’s a true challenge. The very idea of water seems to perplex and confound him, leading him to believe that water should be dry and waffle-like. Ludde’s aversion to bath time is a humorous reminder of his distinct personality and his preference for the cosy comforts of dry land.


A wet Ludde with his backpack after we've reached the cabin.


Ludde’s vocal talents are nothing short of impressive. From alerting the household to the faintest rustle to barking at shadows that exist solely in his imagination, Ludde’s barks are a melodic expression of his zest for life. Even though his target may occasionally be elusive, there’s no denying that Ludde’s enthusiastic barks are a symphony of his vibrant spirit.


Ludde complaining that he's not getting waffles when he wants to.


Despite his diminutive stature, Ludde’s heart is immeasurable. His passion for waffles, thirst for adventure, and unconditional love for his family and friends define him as a dog whose presence fills any room with warmth and joy. Ludde is proof that even the smallest among us can have the biggest impact on the world around them.


Ludde want to have some fun. He views him self as the king of Knotten.


Ludde, the fearless Miniature Schnauzer, captures hearts and imaginations with his unwavering love for waffles, his thirst for adventure, and his boundless affection for those who share his journey. As Ludde continues to explore the vast landscapes of Norway and beyond, his vibrant personality and endearing quirks serve as a reminder that life’s greatest joys often come in the form of small packages – packages filled with waffles, laughter, and an abundance of love.



Hey there, fellow adventure seekers! I'm Toffa Berg, your friendly neighborhood vanlifer and landscape enthusiast, hailing from the stunning panoramas of Norway. As a nature aficionado, I've traded the buzz of city life for the tranquility of starry nights and the thrill of winding roads. My trusty co-pilot, Ludde the miniature schnauzer, and I are on a quest to uncover Norway's hidden gems. I've got a lens in one hand and the steering wheel in the other, capturing the intricate play of light and shadow that nature orchestrates so effortlessly. Oh, and did I mention that I'm the creative mind behind the Toffa and Knotten website? That's where I occasionally share snapshots from my photographic escapades, along with tales of vanlife and embracing the unknown. While Stavanger keeps me grounded, it's also my launchpad into the wild. Here, I recharge, ruminate, and get ready for the next great escapade. So, if you're all about celebrating the unfiltered beauty of nature, swapping stories from the road, and occasionally indulging in some photography magic, hop on board! Stay wild, keep chasing horizons, and let's make every mile a memory.

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  • Farmor

    Herlig beskrivelse av Ludde. Farmor gratulere med 4 års dagen. Savne Ludde masse, men glad han er på reise og har gode dager. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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