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Image of the Week 42 – 2021

This week’s image is a image that capture more of the season. It was shot during my rescent trip to Tessungdalen (Tessung valley) in Telemark (Vestfold and Telemark county). Tessungdalen is situated close to the border between the counties of Vestfold and Telemark, and Viken. The valley located close to Hardanger National Park. It’s also a point for which one could use as a starting point to hike into the national park from the south. The area is traditionally an old logging district but now much of the logging industry have vanished.

The story behind the image

The subject I’ve showed here was a location I stumbled upon on my last trip. It was not a subject I had located beforehand. I had originally planned to shoot some waterfalls close by this place as they are cultural heritage sites. A subject which I’m trying to capture as both artisticly and as stock image.

In the days leading up to to me arriving in Tessungdalen, there had been days with heavy rain. So much as the weather forecast service in Norway had been showing danger of flood or landslides. My original plans where to capture the autumn colours in this mountainous region. Unlucky me I had been stuck in Stavanger for almost one week making repairs to the RV. Hitting snag after snag, and when I finally was done the road time felt rushed.


The day prior I had been spent mostly driving. Realized quickly that my original boondocking site would not yield any opertunity to shoot what I had planned. I awoke to drairy weather with rain pouring down and nothing inviting to shoot. Broke camp in Setesdalen and traveled futher up the Tessungdalen. Up onto the mountain platoue of Imingfjell as the weather forecast showed that there would be more benefitial. Plus I was also trying to iron out some few kinx still plaguing the RV. Spent most of the day shooting, and making my way back to the campsite I as the day was comming to a close. My plan was to go down to the waterfalls and them a go. I had planned to shoot for a gloden hour/sunset and calling it a day.

For not to drag all the gear down there for nothing I decided to first walk down to scout a bit. That was when I stumbled upon this location. Since the waterfalls had swollen to unuable amount of water I ditched my original plan. I chose rather to focus on this location instead. Unbeknow to me at the time, this would be what I got to shoot there during that trip. It became more and more clear I to me Ineeded to return to Stavanger. It became clear the RV needed to get fixed.

Derelict bridge crossing the swollen Austbygdåe (Austbygd river) running past Lurheim, Tinn, Vestfold og Telemark, Norway.

| Nikon D800 | Tamron SP 24-7mm f/2.8 VC @ 24mm | 1.3 sec @ f/16 | ISO 100 |

Toffa Berg, a dedicated landscape photographer hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Stavanger, Norway. Toffa's lens is a portal to the intimate and less-traveled corners of Norway's natural beauty. With a passion for solitude and an aversion to city life, Toffa's photography is a reflection of the quiet moments and serene vistas that capture the essence of the Norwegian wilderness. He runs both Toffa and Knotten and Toffa Berg Photography. Under this author profile he writes in the power of being a photographer and not a vanlifer.

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