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Nikon D200, Tamron SP 17-50mm f2.8, Kenko Circular Polarizer, Formatt Hitech ND grad and standar.

In the end of september I attended Morten Krogvolds Workshop at Vågå. This is the serie I ended up doing during the workshop. Since I’ve seen that I not gonna do a longer post on my experience from that workshop, I thought I should show you what I produced during that workshop. I’ve also made this series availble for purchase from my ARTFLAKES acount for those of you who want to hang these pictures on your wall.

Ridderspranget @ ARTFLAKES
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Hey there, fellow adventure seekers! I'm Toffa Berg, your friendly neighborhood vanlifer and landscape enthusiast, hailing from the stunning panoramas of Norway. As a nature aficionado, I've traded the buzz of city life for the tranquility of starry nights and the thrill of winding roads. My trusty co-pilot, Ludde the miniature schnauzer, and I are on a quest to uncover Norway's hidden gems. I've got a lens in one hand and the steering wheel in the other, capturing the intricate play of light and shadow that nature orchestrates so effortlessly. Oh, and did I mention that I'm the creative mind behind the Toffa and Knotten website? That's where I occasionally share snapshots from my photographic escapades, along with tales of vanlife and embracing the unknown. While Stavanger keeps me grounded, it's also my launchpad into the wild. Here, I recharge, ruminate, and get ready for the next great escapade. So, if you're all about celebrating the unfiltered beauty of nature, swapping stories from the road, and occasionally indulging in some photography magic, hop on board! Stay wild, keep chasing horizons, and let's make every mile a memory.

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