About my dream…

I wrote about back in the end of august I got the chance to realise one of my long time dreams. That is to have a campervan/RV to use as my mobile base. A base of operations to do landscape work from. In these last months have been spent getting the campervan/RV I named Knotten ready for use. Find out what I need and don’t. There have been some snags along the road. Some problems that need sorting out. What’s needed before I can take on a more vanlife lifestyle full time. The technical problems that needed to be sorted out. Also used the time to get used to the vehicle in general. Sorting out how I need to set up the vehicle. Setting it up as the base of operations that I’ve envisioned.

The road ahead

My goals and plans forward now is to get the last of the issues sorted out. Then as quick as those are out of the way aim to start a vlog. Sharing my travels on YouTube so you can come along. Show where I go and the locations. Give you pointers on my craft of landscape photography. Share my philosophy behind my photography in general. Maybe some more in depth tutorials on photography and post processing. This will not be a gear focused channel. I envision a channel for those of you who love photography and travel. More on this will come in the months to come.

So what now?

On a more day to day basis there is still a big mess. A bunch of problems I’m working on to sort out. Many problems stem from how things were when I ran my photography under the Studio Toffa Photography moniker. How all my images that was not concert photography was down priortized. Also what many of you don’t know is that in 2016 my old catalogue crashed thanks to Lightroom. A problem that futher made more problems for my old landscape photographs. Since I was too busy shooting gigs and post processing those images back then within a reasonable time, I let my old catalogue of images just lay dormant. Never getting them sorted back into a usable catalogue. I also almost lost half of my images archive due to a failing hard drive back in 2019. This further made the mess with the old images even worse.

Aim for 2021

Beside working on finding new locations and getting the RV ready, I’ve been working on what I should have done back in 2016. On top of this there has been the website. The website which is in a dire need of renovation. This is not finished as of writing this blog post.

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