Postcard from Nordkapp
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Postcard from Nordkapp

Hi there, my dear followers!


Reaching Nordkapp: A Major Milestone in Our Vanlife Adventure!

Finally, after countless miles on the road, Kaddy and I reached Nordkapp (North Cape) on 27.06.2023. Let’s relive the exciting moments of our journey to this incredible destination.

The morning started with promising weather as we left our boondocking spot near Alta. The sun accompanied us all along the drive, creating a picturesque backdrop for our adventure.

As we approached the North Cape plateau, the afternoon turned into evening, and a mysterious fog enveloped the surroundings. While we missed the chance to capture the legendary midnight sun, the magical atmosphere of Nordkapp made it a unique experience nonetheless.


The glode at Nordkapp (North Cape)
The plateau of the Nordkapp Globe with tourists.

Exploring Nordkapphallen: Unveiling the Cape’s History

Once at Nordkapp, we immersed ourselves in the fascinating exhibitions at Nordkapphallen. The center narrated the captivating story of Nordkapp’s evolution as a tourist destination, and we were spellbound by the panoramic movie showcasing the area’s natural wonders.

The gift shop and post office at Nordkapphallen offered souvenirs to cherish the memories forever. We indulged ourselves, collecting a few mementos to keep the Nordkapp vibe alive within us.


Kaddy and I at the Nordkapp Globe at 3 am. Photo: Kaddy
Photo: Kaddy Boldt

Chasing the Midnight Sun: A Silly Dance Under the Arctic Skies

Though the midnight sun eluded us in photographs, Kaddy and I decided to venture out to the globe monument late at night. With no tourists around, we had the chance to take stunning photos and even indulged in a silly dance video.

The next day was all about relaxing and reminiscing about the amazing experiences of our journey. We revisited the souvenir shop and got creative by sending “Instagram-stories” the old-fashioned way, through postcards.



Old style Instagram post. A postcard.

Farewell Nordkapp, Hello the Rest of Magerøy

Leaving the enchanting Nordkapp plateau behind, we continued our journey southward and found a serene boondocking spot closer to Honningsvåg.

The visit to Nordkapp was a significant milestone in our vanlife journey. I’m grateful to have shared this unforgettable experience with Kaddy, my wonderful travel companion and partner. As we continue our journey southward, we eagerly look forward to exploring more breathtaking locations, embracing new adventures, and cherishing the beauty of Norway’s landscapes.



Thank you all for being part of our vanlife adventure, and until the next update!



Hello, my dear followers!

Join me, Toffa Berg, the landscape photographer and full-time vanlifer from Norway, along with my trusty companion Ludde, as we embark on an extraordinary journey. Today, we’ll relive the remarkable adventure that brought us to one of Norway’s most iconic destinations: Nordkapp, or North Cape.

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