Are you shocked?

I thought that I should shock you guys a bit. Ok, not shock you but show you that I don’t just do landscapes or consert, but also that I sometimes do som portraitwork as well. One thing that many of you don’t know is that portrait was what I started out doing, but I have now changed over to landscapes as my main focus. For those of you who want me to do your portrait should look at these and there you’ll find the style I do. If you wish for a fresh portrait with white background without horizon and a yellow pillow, well there’s always some fancy studio that do those type of shots. Otherwise enjoy these pictures as it will be some time before I post some others.

All pictures are shot with Nikon D200 Nikon F90x, Mamiya MSX 500, Tamron SP lenses, Nikon AF-D Lenses, Sigma-lenses, Mamiya/Sekor SX lenses and captured on SanDisk Ultra digital film and AGFA APX-film.

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