Knotten and Fredda in the sunset

A Triumph of Resilience: Knotten’s Return from the Repair Shop

Greetings, dear followers! Knotten’s triumphant return from hiatus, a journey of resilience. Anticipation turned elation as Knotten hit the road anew. Repaired and renewed, Knotten’s symphony of restoration unveiled. Saluting Lians Caravan & Fritid’s dedication. Unyielding spirit thrives, enriching our adventure. Best wishes on your own journeys!

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Knotten, problems and Lians Caravan & Fritid

Knotten the RV, problems and Lians Caravan & Fritid. Embracing Vintage Charm: The Journey of Knotten the RV, a beloved 1999 Chausson Welcome 50 campervan. Challenges and triumphs on our road trip with Kaddy and Fredda. A puzzling sound and a smoky setback. Thanks to Lians Caravan & Fritid’s dedication,

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A Journey of Resilience: Embracing the Road with my RV

Greetings from the road! It’s been a while since I last connected with you on social media. I took a break to focus on my mental well-being, battling depression and seeking renewed energy for photography. Now, with setbacks overcome and the RV project back on track, I’m eager to explore

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