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A New Chapter Unveiled: Toffa Berg Photography and Toffa & Knotten’s Independent Journeys

Welcoming change with open arms, Toffa Berg Photography and Toffa & Knotten have embarked on distinct paths. From captivating images on Tumblr to travel tales here, our evolution ensures tailored experiences while preserving the magic of shared stories and visuals. Discover the beauty of two unique worlds intertwining.

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Knotten and Fredda in the sunset

A Triumph of Resilience: Knotten’s Return from the Repair Shop

Greetings, dear followers! Knotten’s triumphant return from hiatus, a journey of resilience. Anticipation turned elation as Knotten hit the road anew. Repaired and renewed, Knotten’s symphony of restoration unveiled. Saluting Lians Caravan & Fritid’s dedication. Unyielding spirit thrives, enriching our adventure. Best wishes on your own journeys!

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Knotten, problems and Lians Caravan & Fritid

Knotten the RV, problems and Lians Caravan & Fritid. Embracing Vintage Charm: The Journey of Knotten the RV, a beloved 1999 Chausson Welcome 50 campervan. Challenges and triumphs on our road trip with Kaddy and Fredda. A puzzling sound and a smoky setback. Thanks to Lians Caravan & Fritid’s dedication,

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A Journey of Resilience: Embracing the Road with my RV

Greetings from the road! It’s been a while since I last connected with you on social media. I took a break to focus on my mental well-being, battling depression and seeking renewed energy for photography. Now, with setbacks overcome and the RV project back on track, I’m eager to explore

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If you like my photos and would like to get updates on new pictures, exclusive view of some pictures and other stuff about my photography you can add my Studio Toffa Photography-page at facebook. You can find it here: Thorstein K. Berg – Studio Toffa  Find more here:

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