Lars Hertervig

A little different from what I normally post about. Since I’m mostly all about photography I thought I should let you guys into what inspires me beside photography. One little “secret” that some of you might not know is that I’m very inspired by the old Norwegian National Romantic painters when it comes to my landscapes. Even though I love to shoot in black and white I love the use of light and drama that many of these painters had in their images. One of these painters are Lars Hertervig, and that is the artist I want to talk about here.

Lars Hertervig

Lars Hertervig is one of Norway’s formost landscape painters from the 19th century. One of the painters that have greatly inspired my own landscapes. His dramatic use of light and drama in his earlier landscapes is something I try to incorporate into my own images. Lars Hertervig was born on 16 February 1830 at Borgøy, in the municipality Tysvær in Norway. He grew up in a poor Quaker family who was members of “Venners Samfunn” (The Community of Friends) in Stavanger. In the start of Lars Hertervig’s life, the family lived at the small family farm at Hattarvågen, Borgøya. Around 1839 the family sold the farm and relocated to Stavanger.

His working life

Around 1852 Lars Hertervig began his studies of painting at the Art Academy of Düsseldorf. He was the private pupil of the norwegian landscape painter Hans Gude, and later under tutelage of Erik Bodom.

In April of 1854 Hertervig returned to Norway and was then diagnosed with melancholia (extreme depression) by a physician in Stavanger. He was later committed to Gaustad sykehus (Gaustad Hospital). At Gaustad Hertervig was then diagnosed with dementia (dementia precox) that was at the time regarded as an incurable condition (this condition is often attributed to be a form of schizophrenia).

Hertervig was released from Gaustad in 1858 and returned to Stavanger. Upon his return he was now dependent on Fattigkassen (a precursor to the social welfare state) and largely forgotten by the establishment.

Despite his hardship upon his return to Stavanger, Hertervig remained innovative in his art up until his death in 1902. Often regarded in later years as a proto-modernist (a precursor to the modernist movement).

Lars Hertervig died on 6 January 1902.

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