Postcard from Knivskjellodden.
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Knivskjellodden – An Epic Adventure to Europe’s Northernmost Point

Hi there, my dear followers!

Welcome back to another thrilling travel letter! Today, we’re excited to share our unforgettable journey to Knivskjellodden, the continental Europe’s northernmost point. Nestled in the rugged landscapes of Norway, this remote location offers a unique allure that captivates adventurers from all corners of the world. So, join us as we take on this challenging 20 km hike. Accompanied by our two dogs, Peachy and Ludde. Our backpacks filled with essentials, delicious Norwegian buns, and our trusty camera gear.


Discovering the Untamed Beauty of Knivskjellodden

Knivskjellodden, often confused with Nordkapp (North Cape), is a hidden gem that promises breathtaking vistas and a sense of accomplishment like no other. When Kaddy, my dear girlfriend, received a recommendation from her boss and heard tales from fellow German travellers Lea and Alex about the wonders of this hike, we knew we had to experience it ourselves. Determined and geared up for the challenges, we set out to conquer this iconic landmark.

Embracing the Arctic Elements

As we embarked on our journey, the winds howled and the cold Arctic air embraced us. Prepared for the harsh weather, we wrapped ourselves in layers and sturdy hiking gear. The trail, marked with cairns, guided us through the diverse terrain, from coastal stretches to stony grounds, each step unveiling Norway’s untamed beauty.

Kaddy and Peachy walking in the northen Norwegian landscape.
Kaddy and Peachy making their way toward Knivskjellodden. The northern most point of Europe.

A Rewarding Destination

After an adventurous journey, we reached Knivskjellodden, the northernmost point of continental Europe. The biting wind and cold couldn’t overshadow the majestic landscapes that unfolded before us. The midnight sun painted the surroundings with golden hues, and across the fjord, the Nordkapp plateau stood as a testament to the wonders of nature.


Knivskjellodden, Norway.
The cairn that marks where Knivskjellodden is located. This is the northern most point of continental Europe.
Guestbook cabinet at Knivskjellodden.
The Guestbook cabinet at Knivskjellodden. Covered in peoples stickers and other assorted things they have dragged with them to be placed here. And yes, we to signed the guest book.
The Nordkapp Plateau, Norway.
The Nordkapp Plateau in the distance lit up by the midnight sun.

Homeward Bound with Cherished Memories

Having signed the guestbook and captured precious photographs, we embarked on the 9 km hike back to where our trusty rigs, Knotten and Fredda, awaited. The steep ascent from the beach tested our endurance, but with each step, we drew closer to our destination.

Ludde the Miniature Schnauzer – A True Trooper

Throughout the hike, our loyal companion Ludde the Miniature Schnauzer surprised us with his resilience. Despite his small size and lack of experience with long hikes, he embraced the challenge and kept our spirits high, all while marking his territory on every cairn and rock along the way – a true trooper!

Ludde bathe in sunset glow on a hike to Knivskjellodden (Norway).
Ludde the miniature schnauzer bathe in sunset glow on the hike to Knivskjellodden.

A Journey Worth Every Stride

As we finally reached our rigs in the wee hours of the morning, exhaustion clung to our bodies, but our hearts were full of cherished memories and a sense of accomplishment. Despite the unforeseen challenges and the extended hours, our hike to Knivskjellodden was an extraordinary adventure we’ll forever treasure.

The Promise of More Adventures

As we conclude this travel letter, we extend our gratitude to the breathtaking landscapes of Norway and the joy of embarking on unforgettable adventures. Knivskjellodden was just one of the many gems waiting to be discovered, and we can’t wait to set foot on new trails and explore the world’s wonders with curious hearts.


Will it be the last long hike for us like that? Hell no!


Stay tuned for more thrilling escapades and keep exploring the world with a sense of wonder and excitement.


Warm regards, 

Toffa and Knotten

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