Image of the Week 36 – 2021

This week’s image is shot at Stensland in Setesdalen (Setes Valley) in the county of Agder in Norway. There were not that big of a story behind this image. The story was only I made a stop at Stensdal rest stop to recharge my power supply with my solar panel. As this would take some time I decided to scout about for some images.

Had been to Stensland rest stop earlier this summer, and the place in some way stuck with me. During my first visit I didn’t roam around to look for scenes to capture. At that instance I were on more tight schedual to reach one of my favorite locations in Tessungdalen. Since I this time had more time to just relax and roam a bit, I went down to the banks of the river Otra. I found this little scene here at the oposite side of the river. It was not my favorite time to shoot at Stensland. That would be during the morning, but I felt I needed to get that shutter to do some action anyway.

Otra snakeing through the landscape at Steinsland, Bykle, Agder, Norway.

| Nikon D800 | Tamron SP 28-75mm f/2.8 @ 70mm |
| 1/60 sec @ f/13 | ISO 50 |

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