Frequently Asked Questions

Print and image licence

Can I order prints or stock images directly from you via email?

For prints that are available in the Regular Edition series the answer is in general no unless you have a custom order that is not covered by the sizes listed in the online store. Any custom order order will be individual priced in regard to production cost.

For Limited Edition prints, these are either ordered throug the online store or directly from me through email if you have a custom request. To make these orders easier for both parties, it’s best to use the online store even here. As stated above, I will only handle custom requests directly through email.

For stock images only use email if you don’t find a licence option that fits your needs.

Can I buy a digital file from you and print it myself?

You can licence any image that is available as royalty free/rights managed stock image and make your own print for personal use if you so wish. There is an option for most images that have a licence to buy a licence for “Personal Use”. That option is specific there for that.

Image on offer at my print shop in the limited edition is not available as a commercial use  licence nor available for use under a personal licence. 

If you’re interested in reselling my images as prints and the offered image licences do not fit with what you’re looking for, please contact me and let’s see what we can do.

Can I use your fine art images as stock?

For those who wish to use my non-limited edition prints as stock images, the majority of them are available as stock images.

For images that are not available as stock images, please contact me by email so we can see what can be done.

In advance, images will not be licenced as royalty free, only as rights managed.

For use of Limited Edition prints, the answer is no. If it’s for publications that are showcasing my fine art works, please contact me for further details here.

Is there a discount for ordering a large batch of prints or digital files?

For private use there are currently no default discounts. I will from time to time have image packages that have discounts if you order a set number of prints. Beside this, I will from time to time have coupon codes for limited periodes that will give you a discount on your order during that periode. These coupon code is found either on my blog or posted to my social media channels.

For corporate orders, please contact me with your query and let’s see what we can work out.

Is there any option to get exclusive rights to your images?

This depends on the image you want exclusive rights to. For inquiries, contact me with more details.

For any images produced for clients, the client hold exclusive rights to these images*. Any further use of these must be done through the rights holder.

To buy the copyright, the answer is no. I would only agree on usage rights.

(* I will retain the right to publish those images on my social media channels or on my website with refrence to the client.)

Can I buy your images as NFT?


I will not mint any of my images as NFT. This is a principal stance, and is rooted in my view on conserving nature. Cryto currency and the enviormental impact it brings is not compatiable is not with stance on that subject.

Do you provide a subscription service for your stock library?

No, but my images is also available through Alamy who do provide a subscription service.

I’ve seen your images on web/sosial media/image sharing sites, can I use your images for free?

You can not use my images for free as you please, but you are free to share my images/post on social media platforms as long as you include the original post and credit me in your post that I’m the photographer. Either include the link to my website or tag my social media profile (depending on what platform you’re sharing on).

If you wish to use my images on your personal blog, sosial media profile or website, you can purchase a licence for web use.

General Questions

I like your images, can I book you for my wedding?

The quick and easy answer here is no. I’m not a wedding photographer and I don’t provide the services you are looking for in regards to a wedding. My services are aimed at art buyers and the editorial market. Depending on your location, I can maybe recommend you to a photographer I feel will work for your needs.

Do you do TFP?

The general answer is no. I generally don’t do images with people, so I have no need to do this on a regular basis. If I for some reason need models to do any work/project that falls under TFP, I will either advertise this through my blog or my social media channels.

Can you review or endorse my/our product/service?

It all depends on the service or product. As long as the product or service you want reviewed is useful for what I do I might consider your query. Please check my gear page to get a general overview in advance of what I use.

For endorsements, I will only accept products that work for what I do and that I have prior experience using.

Do you offer workshops?

As of 2023 I do not offer any workshops or counselling courses.

Any changes here will first be annouced in my blog.