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Hå Gamle Prestegård/Obrestad Fyr

Hå Gamle Prestegård (Hå Old Vicarage) is situated west from Nærbø in Hå municipality in Rogaland county. It was buildt in 1637. The vicarage was already a senior man housing, vicarage, adminstrative and culturalcenter for a few houndred years ago. Today it’s an art and cultural institution housed in a traditional and preserved buildingcomplex. 
  In the 1980’s began a restoration of buildings which culminated in that the work earned the “Fritt Ords Honnør” award. 
  Today the complex is used as art and cultural center that exhibit art of many styles. There is also an exhibit of archaeological finds of an 8200 year old settlement from the area. The landscape around the vicarage is filled with old burrialremains from the migrational periode. 
  The vicarage is located right at the shoreline of Jæren, unprotected from the North Sea. A few houndres meter south of the vicarage you’ll also find Obrestad Fyr (Obrestad lighthouse) and Obrestad marina. 

Obrestad Fyr (Obrestad Lighthouse) was built in 1873. In the start it was operated with a oil burner lantern, but this was changed in 1902 when the lighthouse was upgraded with a petroleum incandescent burner that provided a much stronger beam of light. The lighthouse was again upgraded in 1916, with a electrical lantern, and a fog horn. 
  The lighthouse was originally erected in granite bur from around the turn of the century and up the end of the 1960’s the lighthouse-complex was updated with differnt buildings.
  During the war (1940-1945) the lighthouse was a part of the german coastal defences. There were added a watchtower and several bombshelters. 
  In 1991, the lighthouse was automated and depopulated, and in 1998 it was protected under the law for cultural heritage. 

For more information check the homepage for Hå Gamle Prestegård 

All pictures are shot with Nikon D200 and D70, Tamron SP and Sigma lenses and captured on SanDisk Ultra digital film.

Toffa Berg, a dedicated landscape photographer hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Stavanger, Norway. Toffa's lens is a portal to the intimate and less-traveled corners of Norway's natural beauty. With a passion for solitude and an aversion to city life, Toffa's photography is a reflection of the quiet moments and serene vistas that capture the essence of the Norwegian wilderness. He runs both Toffa and Knotten and Toffa Berg Photography. Under this author profile he writes in the power of being a photographer and not a vanlifer.

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