View at Imingfjell from where we boondocked. I tried to shoot some panoramas here but they didn't work.
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A Journey of Changes: Updates on Photography, Gear, and Life in the RV

Hi there, my dear followers!

A Fresh Start with a New Website

Over the past few years, you might have noticed some significant changes in my photography journey. One of the most noticeable transformations is the complete overhaul of my website from its previous version. Not only that, but I’ve also acquired a new domain to better reflect these changes. Previously, my website setup was a hodgepodge, with my blog almost awkwardly attached to my Photoshelter site. This setup needed a revamp, and I’m excited to share the details below.

Revamping the Archive and Metadata

Aside from the website, my photo archive was also a mess that needed attention. While I’ve made some progress in organising it, there’s still a long way to go. I’ve been diligently searching through my old hard drives to locate and recover as much of my work as possible. Additionally, I had to tackle the daunting task of dealing with my old metadata setup, which was a significant undertaking.

Gear Upgrades: A New Computer Setup

A major update in my photography journey was the upgrade of my computer setup. Last summer, I decided to invest in a more creator-focused desktop, replacing my old one. This new setup allowed me to streamline my editing process and focus on my creative endeavours. More details on this later in the post.

Website Transformation: From Chaos to Coherence

As I returned to landscape photography, I knew I had to address the chaotic state of my website. Previously, it mainly showcased my concert photography work, with bits of my landscape work scattered in various galleries. Additionally, my blog had moved through different platforms over the years, from Blogger to Zenfolio and finally to This diversity of outputs was confusing for my audience, so I decided to clean up and redesign my website, centering it around my Photoshelter archive.

Struggles with the Archive and IPTC

I previously experienced a catastrophic event with my old Lightroom catalogue in 2016, nearly losing half of my archive images. To prevent such disasters in the future, I’ve been diligently working on consolidating and organising my archive, implementing backup solutions, and updating my IPTC (metadata).

The Digital Darkroom Upgrade

My “digital darkroom” saw significant improvements last year, with almost all components receiving upgrades. This included monitors, computer, Wacom tablet, and laptop. However, I’ve kept my main software unchanged, relying on Capture One for RAW conversion and editing, Photoshop, and NIK software plug-ins for heavy lifting, and Photo Mechanic for sorting and IPTC implementation. My editing PC has undergone an ASUS-focused rebuild, with AMD processors and ASUS ProArt monitors and motherboard.

Consistency Between Home and RV Setup

For seamless work between my home and RV stations, I aimed to maintain consistency in both setups. This approach allows me to transition between locations effortlessly. My storage solution relies on LaCie Rugged hard drives for reliable performance.

Living the Van Life: A Positive Impact

Embracing the van life has had a profound impact on my mental health. Dealing with depression has become more manageable, and the feeling of isolation has significantly reduced. The freedom of travelling to locations at will and having my home on wheels has been an incredibly liberating experience.

Upgrading Knotten’s Electrical Setup

I encountered some setbacks along the way, but I managed to sort them out. One of the most significant improvements was upgrading my leisure battery to a lithium battery, eliminating worries about running out of power. Adding a petrol generator also allows me to charge my battery almost anywhere, granting more flexibility in choosing parking spots. The versatile Ecoflow power station has been a crucial part of my camper, providing power for my laptop and editing screen while on the road.

Future Plans: Exploring New Locations

As soon as the roads clear up from snow and ice, I plan to hit the road once again. My upcoming adventures will take me to explore locations in Setesdal, Rjukan, Tessungdalen, and Imingfjell. Additionally, I’m considering two trips to Jotunheimen National Park, one in spring and another in fall. Apart from that, I’ll be working on setting up my print shop, with regular print editions coming first.

Renovations and YouTube Plans

This year will also involve renovating my apartment, which will take up some of my time. If energy permits, I hope to start working on my plans for a YouTube channel, which I’ll share more about as it comes together.

A Journey of Growth

My photography journey has seen remarkable growth and transformations in the past year. From website revamps to gear upgrades and embracing the van life, I’ve come a long way. I’m grateful for the support from my dear followers, and I’m excited to share more adventures and beautiful landscapes with you all.

Thank you for being a part of this journey!

Warm Regards, 

Toffa and Knotten

Hey there, fellow adventure seekers! I'm Toffa Berg, your friendly neighborhood vanlifer and landscape enthusiast, hailing from the stunning panoramas of Norway. As a nature aficionado, I've traded the buzz of city life for the tranquility of starry nights and the thrill of winding roads. My trusty co-pilot, Ludde the miniature schnauzer, and I are on a quest to uncover Norway's hidden gems. I've got a lens in one hand and the steering wheel in the other, capturing the intricate play of light and shadow that nature orchestrates so effortlessly. Oh, and did I mention that I'm the creative mind behind the Toffa and Knotten website? That's where I occasionally share snapshots from my photographic escapades, along with tales of vanlife and embracing the unknown. While Stavanger keeps me grounded, it's also my launchpad into the wild. Here, I recharge, ruminate, and get ready for the next great escapade. So, if you're all about celebrating the unfiltered beauty of nature, swapping stories from the road, and occasionally indulging in some photography magic, hop on board! Stay wild, keep chasing horizons, and let's make every mile a memory.

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