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A blustery day at Jæren

Yesterday gave the promise of a cloudy day with high winds. Perfect for some action at the coastline of Jæren. A bit photographic “hung-over” from my trip last week to Hardanger and Telemark but still I wanted to shoot. I packed up my gear and drove down the coastline of fair Jæren. The weather at Jæren this day was promising. It could be a good “hair of the dog that bit me” to get me back into shooting. This type of weather is just what gives real drama to landscapes. Driving wind made it a bit hard to find stable conditions to get really sharp images. The windforce was up at gale force. Since there are no structures to break the wind the waters of the North sea crashes straight in. So there was a good chance to get some waves as well.

Obrestad fyr

I first travelled to Obrestad to grab some shots of the Obrestad Lighthouse. As I mentioned earlier it was interesting clouds and good light. It didn’t disappoint. Nice clouds and drama made for some good shots. The landscape was bathe in lovely golden hour light. Dramatic clouds that brought drama to the open landscape that is the coast of Jæren. There is little in terms of hills and forest to bring interest here. So to get the sky to play ball is a key component to get a good shot.

My plan was to take a tour down throught the coast. My plan was to shoot the lighthouse from the road that leads to Hå Gamle Prestegård. All in all it was not a bad call.

Obrestad lighthouse and the surround landscape at the golden hour.

Obrestad lighthouse and the surround landscape at the golden hour.

Obrestad lighthouse and the surround landscape at the golden hour. This is an alternate version of the above image but done in black and white.

Kvassheim Fyr

After that I drove further south toward Kvassheim lighthouse. I wanted to see if there were more shots to grab there. My plan was at start not to spend all evening shooting only one location. Golden hour was more and more crossing over into sunset. I got down to Kvassheim lighthouse and the sun was now sinking more and more into the horizon. As the light was more and more fading I managed to grab a shot of Kvassheim as well. Not as good as the ones I got at Obrestad, but ok. With the amount of clouds on sky I knew that I wouldn’t get an explosion of sunset colours.

Sunset at Kvassheim lighthouse.

Varhaug Gamle Kirkegård

After wrapping it up at Kvassheim lighthouse I knew that it was time to head home. On the way home I also swung by Varhaug Gamle Kirkegård (the old cemetery at Varhaug) in hope to grab one last shot. The sun had now fizzeled out and was going over into blue hour. But low and behold, I was also able to grab a shot there before the light was gone.

The old chapel at Varhaug Gamle Kirkegård shot at the tail end of the sunset.

All of the images was shot on Nikon D200 and with Tamron SP lenses.

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